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Why STD Dating Sites are on the Rise

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Recently, there has been a steep surge in the number of STD dating sites whose primary goal is to make it easier for people with sexually transmitted diseases and infections (STIs) to find love. One of the reasons explaining this sudden rise is the overwhelming number of STD infections recorded annually. The Center for Disease control and Prevention (CDC) reports that there are over 110 million STD infections in the US alone, and over 20 million new infections annually. The common STDs include herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhea, human papillomavirus (HPV), hepatitis B virus, syphilis, and even HIV. To cater for the growing number of infected people who desire to find love and matches with similar infections, sites that offer STD dating tips are springing up rapidly. That is the latest craze in online marketing. Some of the most popular sites that are keen on promoting the std dating trend are H-YPE.com, PositiveSingles.com, WPWH.com, and stdmatch.net.

How are they different from other sites?
As noted, one of the key selling points for STD dating sites is that they bring together people who have similar health conditions and hence unique needs. They offer such people as second chance at love. People who have STD may sometimes feel as if their dating lives are over and in the absence of such sites, it would be difficult and near impossible to find a match who is willing to accept them and their health conditions. When people open up about their conditions on this sites, it eliminates some degree of awkwardness that would otherwise dominate an interaction between an infected person and a potential match on a normal dating site. There is that security that comes with the knowledge that most or all of the people enrolled in an STD dating site do actually have STDs.

Most people confess that receiving news that they had an STD was devastating. Some confess that when they revealed having STDs to potential partners, the relationship took a turn for the worst and the other parties fled. There is a social stigma associated with people diagnosed with STDs and many healthy ones may regard their infected counterparts as being sexually immoral or reckless even when this may not be necessarily the case. One of the initial responses to STD diagnoses by most patients is to go online and find groups, whether dating and support, where members have similar conditions, such as herpes. Joining an STD dating site is a plus for people with STIs because they are likely to gain both support and the possibility of finding love on the sites.

STD Dating Sites offer the Desired Member Privacy
One of the most critical aspects of STD dating sites is their ability to ensure members’ privacy because a lot of details, both medical and personal, are exchanged, just like in the normal dating sites. Most sites allow their members to pursue STD dating privately. They will deny outsiders, including non-member positive singles, access to personal profiles and pictures linked to registered members. The guarantee of 100 percent anonymity instills confidence in the users that they are secure and free to interact without many privacy concerns. This is a serious issue as seen in a recent case where a popular STD dating site was facing a lawsuit of over 14 million US$ because of a breach in privacy.

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